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Tales of an urban organic gardener.


One of the best things about living in Southern California is being able to grow almost anything. The exception is anything that needs a hard freeze and prolonged chill hours like some stone fruit. One of my favorite things in our garden are the Wonderful pomegranates.

Whoever named them decided to point out the obvious. Yes, they are wonderful, my Wonderful poms, and they are almost ripe!

Melissa World

My brother in law gave me an i Pad a while ago. A couple weeks ago he introduced me to Pandora radio. Last week he sent me a wireless Bose speaker with Bluetooth that I can play Pandora Radio on my i Pad anywhere I want. Today I gardened listening to Alison Krause “radio”.

Lessons learned today:

1. WiFi only reaches to the goldkist apricot tree.
2. Gardening is even better with music.
3. Goldkist apricot trees can support an i Pad.
4. I have an awesome brother in law.