Monthly Archives: November 2012

Merry Small Business Saturday!

Because of you I can go to work in my jammies and bare feet. That makes me so happy – all year long – not just on Small Business Saturday.

To show my appreciation, I am going to have my first ever sale in my Etsy shop,, this Saturday, November 24, 2012. All my ready to ship inventory will be 20% off! LittleDog and I have rolled out the welcome mat for you!

Saturday is also officially Small Business Saturday. Even if you decide not to shop with me, consider giving some of your holiday shopping to a small or local business this year?

We all thank you!


It’s said nothing is quick in ceramics. It is indeed a lesson in patience. I’ve learned to grow, stretch myself.

How can I describe the feeling of seeing something in my head, have it manifest physically through various techniques that have been so generously shared with me, dry, make it through the bisque fire, choosing the best glazes to achieve the affect I want, and then fire it to over 2100 degrees Fahrenheit, well past literal red hot. The moment when a potter opens the kiln and sees the physical manifestation of a design, a daydream, the fleeting kernel of an idea is beyond description. It’s what keeps so many of us going back for more.

Patience was always one of the ingredients lacking in my life. I always wanted everything now. That need for immediacy helped me hone many skills. For instance, I can whip up a pretty decent meal very quickly…I was even an oyster bar chef…pouring drinks and serving up seafood delicacies in front of a packed bar. My husband and I did art shows for many years selling my GourdFolk. Setting up a show is another exercise in speediness. You often need to drive to a new city, find your booth, set up a welcoming attractive storefront in just a few hours, then calmly meet and greet customers, and after it’s over break it all down as quickly as you can to get home to your waiting bed. Anyway, as usual, I’m beginning to ramble.

Working with ceramics has taught me so much. Like a good meal, life needs a balance of salty and sweet. The patience ceramics has taught me is my sweet.

Penny and her Cone.

Good morning. So… our Lab Penny had to have surgery on Wednesday. She had several tumors taken off, three on her poor little ear another on her back. She’s doing fine…my husband Steve and I? …ehhh.

Ever see a hyperactive American Field Lab with a cone on her head try to navigate a ceramic studio? How about a drugged lab with a cone on her head chase raccoons with a yapping little mutt heading the charge – at 3 in the morning? Or maybe a lab with a cone on her head being persistent enough that you finally throw the ball to her? It’s a lot like playing a carnival game…ring toss anyone?

Do I sound tired? Yep, a little bit. But don’t worry. Penny is resting comfortably!

Update: Penny’s tumors were all benign! Now just have to deal with the cone head for the next two weeks!