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Penny and her Cone.

Good morning. So… our Lab Penny had to have surgery on Wednesday. She had several tumors taken off, three on her poor little ear another on her back. She’s doing fine…my husband Steve and I? …ehhh.

Ever see a hyperactive American Field Lab with a cone on her head try to navigate a ceramic studio? How about a drugged lab with a cone on her head chase raccoons with a yapping little mutt heading the charge – at 3 in the morning? Or maybe a lab with a cone on her head being persistent enough that you finally throw the ball to her? It’s a lot like playing a carnival game…ring toss anyone?

Do I sound tired? Yep, a little bit. But don’t worry. Penny is resting comfortably!

Update: Penny’s tumors were all benign! Now just have to deal with the cone head for the next two weeks!