Amber’s Wedding

A January wedding

I love it when people send me photos of my work!  (hint, hint!) I recently received this lovely photo of a couple of my love birds atop this delicious looking cake. Beautiful, aye?

It’s humbling, inspiring, and just plain fun to have have my little birds invited to so many weddings!

Welcome to my new blog!

Well. I thought I’d start this blog by sharing one of my happy places. This is a photo I took last week of June Lake in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. I grew up camping all over this area with my family and now return there to renew and ground myself.

When my husband Steve and I used to travel to art shows with my gourd work, we’d go through the California, Nevada, and Utah deserts once a year. Sometimes it felt like it took forever.  Growing up in Southern California, I have great affection for the beauty of the desert. Wide shot, it can look lifeless and desolate. With a macro lens on, life emerges, efficient, specialized, and tenacious. Anyway, I digress. After driving through hundreds of miles of desert, the first green place we’d encounter was a little valley named Cedar Pocket. It has water and reeds and red rocks and a particular beauty. I grew to look forward to it. It is a special place with a great name.

Just as Cedar Pocket was an oasis after that long drive in the desert, my clay work was an oasis when I picked it up again after a 30 year hiatus. When I opened my new business, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate name than Cedar Pocket Ceramics.

Where is your happy place?